Renting Land

Renting Land

Whether you are looking to rent a portion, or all of your land, at Gath Farms we pride ourselves on offering the highest profits to you, the landowner. We understand the value of your asset and provide a carefree way to enhance your bottom line with a variety of lease options, each providing you increased income, without the work. For your convenience, a brief overview of several lease options are listed below. Contact us to learn more and discuss the best alternative for you.  

Lease options:

Cash Rent Lease

Calculated on a fixed number of dollars per acre, Gath Farms offers a variety of options providing the highest yields or prices. Plus, we offer peace-of-mind with our Cash Rent Guarantee, assuring the rent will be paid to you in full -- on time.

Bushel Lease

With this lease, a fixed number of bushels of a commodity is guaranteed to be delivered to a specified elevator by a certain date with no cost to the owner. The number of bushels is pre-determined, but typically is approximately one-third of normal production. With this lease, government payments are not paid to the landowner.

Net Share Lease

If cash rent does not interest you, a net share lease may better fit your needs.  Instead of guaranteed delivery to an elevator by a certain date, a net share lease provides you a percentage of the crop, meaning when yields are good, the rent increases.

Crop Share Lease

With a crop share lease, you, the landowner, pays a portion of the up front costs and receives a share of the crop in return.  Gath Farms works with you to determine the optimal percentages to fit your needs.

Custom Blend Lease

Another lease option, with custom blend, the landowner pays the up front crop production costs, while the land manager pays machine and labor costs. Crops are then shared, with percentages customized to each manager and landowner. 

Custom Operation

This option is the most risky, but can also be the most rewarding. With this option, the landowner pays all the up front input costs and hires a land manager to plant, grow and harvest the crop for either a fixed amount per operation or per acre.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss other lease options, give us a call!

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