Gath Farm’s Podcast

Gath Farm’s Podcast

This is our Gath farms blog with information and up to date news about agriculture

Below is our podcasts "Explain It To Me" that Dalton and Stetson are doing to help people involved in agriculture as well as people not in agriculture, to understand what is going on in agriculture from a farmers point of view.

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1. Introduction - Talks about why we wanted to start this podcast and what our mission is.

2. New tax informaiton that will possibly help famers in the future.

3. Dicamba podcast that asks what happens when dicamba drifts on people and livestock.

4. A great converstiaon with Jabril Trawick's baskeball career and his passion to start a restaurant with plant based menu.

5. Very enjoyable conversation with Russ Green who is the Director, Product and Brand Strategy at AGCO Corporation, dealing with young farmers coming into agriculture as well as a 5 point system that anybody can use to manage their life.

6. Talking Deep Sea Fishing and Macadamia Farming in Australia with this podcast.

7.  Trade was or Trade Equalization?  We talk about how we feel in the recent trade dispute with China and ariculture.